KCR Congrats KTR, Warns Trollers & Opposition Parties

KCR Congrats KTR, Warns Trollers & Opposition Parties

Telangana CM KCR acknowledged the efforts of his son KTR in the municipal elections and congratulated him specially at the media press meet. "These results show our six years of governance and we assumed that people have liked our government," said KCR.

Then the Telangana CM took on oppositions. "Some dogs are continuously barking. One dog said he would cut CM's nose. He hails from national party and this is his low standard politics," said KCR indirectly hitting at Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Aravind.

KCR warned parties and trollers of social media. "I don't know whether it is social media or anti-social media. They are making cheap comments with filthy language. This should end and I warn them that hereafter people who make distasteful comments on social media using abusive language, an action will be taken against them," said the TRS chief.

On the opposition criticism of TRS using government muscle power in the elections, KCR lashed out at oppositions. "I did not go to the election campaign neither did our working president except for few places. I did not speak to at least any district collector or any police officer during the elections. The oppositions are simply insulting the people. Will they say that they used money power at wherever they have won," asked KCR.

About the election expenses, KCR revealed that as TRS party we just spent Rs 80 Lakh and that too was party material. "At least after the results, oppositions should realize their mistakes and keep quiet on people's mandate," said KCR.

On the poll results, KCR recalled his early days of politics when he was in TDP. "In 1989 when then TDP government announced liquor ban, it put a pressure on the government's treasury. So we hiked the sales tax but people did not appreciate it and so TDP lost the elections. Even I lost then with 5000 votes," added KCR.

On Hyderabad KCR made funny comments. "The entire country is looking at Hyderabad and because of it, 5 to 6 Lakh people are migrating to the city every year. The other day KTR went to Davos and campaigned for the state and city. But I'm worried because we need to provide better facilities for them to live in the city," said KCR.

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