More than Congress and BJP, this party hurt TRS

More than Congress and BJP, this party hurt TRS

In the 2018 Telangana assembly elections, left-wing nationalist political party, All India Forward Bloc has made TRS party sweat at few constituencies. SC Development, Minority Welfare minister Koppula Eshwar won with a slender majority from Dharmapuri over Forward Bloc party candidate. Also in other places, they stood second going past BJP and Congress.

Once again All India Forward Bloc has shocked all the mainstream political parties in Telangana municipal polls. Surprising everyone Forward Bloc has bagged Ieeja or Aiza municipality which is a town in the Jogulamba Gadwal district. Here TRS party won in just six wards while Forward Bloc won in double digit and showed their dominance.

Though Forward Bloc won just one municipality it is a much bigger victory than BJP which has more popular leaders in the state and they did extensive campaign in the elections.

Well, if a well-known face represents Forward Bloc in Telangana, then who knows, they might emerge as the main opposition in the state in the coming days.

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