CBN Praises YSR, Tells Jagan To Learn

CBN Praises YSR, Tells Jagan To Learn

Ever since the crucial 3 capitals bill was stalled in the Council and was referred to the Select Committee in the Centre, Chandrababu Naidu has reached out to national media stressing the importance of the issue. Stating that no where in the world there exist 3 capitals for any state or any country, Chandrababu said setting up offices and decentralizing the offices is not decentralization of development and power.

Alleging CM Jagan of doing destructive politics, Chandrababu said several MNCs have dropped their plans to invest in Vizag. He said he had proposed Vizag to make a Tourist Destination and said Kurnool to make Seed Capital of World and Jagan-led YCP government has failed to take his vision forward.

Interestingly, Chandrababu Naidu has praised his arch rival and late CM YSR. "I had developed Hyderabad. I had developed International Airport and Outer Ring Road and brought several companies to Hyderabad. YSR who succeeded me has took the development forward. He hasn't stopped the growth of my plans. That's why Hyderabad grew like this," said Chandrababu.

Chandrababu Naidu asked CM Jagan to listen to him as his idea of 3 capitals won't benefit the state and people. Naidu asked Jagan to emulate his father YSR in development. Seeing Naidu praising YSR, it seemed surprise to many politicians including TDP's own leaders.

Chandrababu also asked Jagan over dropping the plan of International Airport to Visakhapatanam and Metro Train. He questioned what 'Executive Capital' Jagan is aiming for in Vizag. Naidu further said his previous government had already agreed to set up a High Court bench in Kurnool and he said Jagan's plan of shifting High Court to Kurnool and setting benches in other districts need Centre's nod. Chandrababu said he and his party is ready to welcome if the Centre is ready to allot. He said since Centre is not willing, he asked CM Jagan to not do any "time waste". He asked Jagan to rather develop Kurnool, Vizag and other districts.

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