AP In Capital Chaos, KTR In Davos

AP In Capital Chaos, KTR In Davos

The leaders of the AP government and opposition have been getting into personal fights over the 'capital' issue for the last few weeks. The chaos is getting so big that many of these AP leaders are too busy to look at how Telangana is leaping big in development.

While the AP state is still on ruckus about the capital, Telangana's IT Minister KTR is busy shaking hands with biggies at World Economic Forum Summit and is promoting Hyderabad to attract the reputed organizations to invest in Telangana.

KTR is at Davos for #WEF20, discussing growth and innovation with the very famous Merc Benioff, the founder and chairman of Salesforce, Jayesh Ranjan, Parker Harris, Amy Weaver, Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Korea's Startups Minister Park Young-Sun, Largest company making human vaccines Sanofi Pasteur Vice president David Loew, Nestle CEO Asia Chris Johnson, and many other business personalities. KTR invited Google CEO Sundar Pichai to break the ground for World's second-largest Google campus in Hyderabad.

The TDP leaders who have been observing how elegantly KTR is busy promoting the Hyderabad for further investments, feel that KCR wanted Chandrababu to lose in Andhra Pradesh for this very reason. They opine that Chandrababu would have been matching KTR's 'TelanganaAtDavos' if he becomes CM and might have succeeded in bringing large investments to the state of AP.

For now, AP is in capital Chaos, while KTR is in Davos.

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