'Sayibu Ki Puttava'! 'Mari Nuvvevadiki Puttav Botsa'

'Sayibu Ki Puttava'! 'Mari Nuvvevadiki Puttav Botsa'

Amid the heated arguments and exchange of harsh comments between TDP and YSRC leaders regarding the capital bill, the comments passed by Botsa took a religious turn and TDP's Muslim leaders were not happy with the former's comments.

TDP leader Jaleel Khan came down heavily on Botsa for disrespecting the AP Legislative Council Chairman MD Sharif by insulting him with religious and derogatory comments like 'Nuvvu Sayibu ki Puttava?'. Jaleel Khan in his press meet directly asked Botsa, 'Mari Nuvvevadiki Puttaav?'. Condemning the comments made by Botsa on a senior politician like Sharif, Jaleel Khan further got personal saying 'Botsa' has a meaning of vessel used for begging, and that is why he was named so.

'Bcom lo Physics' Jaleel Khan dug into history this time warning Botsa to call them 'Nawabs', but not 'Sayibu', as they ruled the country centuries back and even sacrificed more lives than others during the fight for independence.

Well, the arguments have got personal and sensitive with Botsa and Jaleel Khan attacking each other verbally.

Earlier, AP Legislative council Chairman Sharif has used his special powers to refer the two controversial bills to the select committee, which has not gone well with YSRC leaders. They protested against the chairman at the podium and tried to argue with him, though the chairman maintained his cool.