YSRCP ministers were drunk: Yanamala

YSRCP ministers were drunk: Yanamala

YSRCP ministers were drunk: Yanamala

TDP senior leader Yanamala Ramakrishnudu said YSRCP ministers and leaders threatened the TDP leaders last evening in the Legislative council and it was one of the scariest days. He went on to add that a few YSRCP leaders were drunk and even brought 'Gutka' packets with them.

"YCP leaders were drunk and lost control of themselves. A minister tried to man-handle Nara Lokesh but we prevented it. Not stopping here, as and when the Council Speaker read out his decision, they surrounded the podium and also tried to attack the speaker," said Yanamala.

The TDP leader said he or his party have no fear that the YSRCP government is planning to abolish the entire council. "This is not the first time, Jagan government made such warnings. Earlier when we opposed English medium bill and SC & ST commission bill, they (YSRCP) made similar comments. But it's not that easy. They have to make a resolution in Assembly, pass it to President, from there to Parliament and a separate Law should be made," stated the TDP MLC.

About the 'Three Capitals' he said, if the government makes Vizag capital, what is the guarantee that it will stay for long. They might change the capital in near future again and if we come to power, we would make Amaravati as capital again. This will bring a huge loss to the state in terms of investments and it is absolutely waste of time.

Lastly Yanamala said the 'Three Capitals' bill take more time than the expected period.

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