Three Capitals Issue: Naidu's Self-Dabba At Peaks!

Three Capitals Issue: Naidu's Self-Dabba At Peaks!

Of course, Former CM Chandrababu Naidu always had this media support as one section media highlighted even his slightest gesture as a grand piece of work. But then, all those media management skills failed to click in the age of Whatsapp and Facebook as people constantly getting the feed of reality straight on their smartphones.

Other day, Chandrababu has once again resorted to the 'self-dabba' technique where he tried to grab the credits for the 'three capitals' bill (CRDA Act 2014 and DIDR) being sent to the Select Committee. Actually it is Legislative Council Chairman MA Sharif who has referred this decision of YS Jagan's government to Select Committee, by which the implementation of those bills gets delayed by three months at least. But by the time the news is out, already TDP cadres are busy throwing flowers on Chandrababu Naidu and some farmers also reached to him to congratulate him on his victory.

These staged acts yield nothing but exposing the fact that Naidu is trying to take credits of Amaravati protests, where as the real heroes are the farmers in Krishna and Guntur districts. Also, this unwanted publicity aka self-dabba will create unnecessary expectations for farmers as if something is going to happen by the 'Select Committee' and Jagan's move gets halted. Rather focusing on this media management, a stalwart like Naidu should create realistic prospects and claim stake in quality work.

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