Did not expect him to do so: Pawan

Did not expect him to do so: Pawan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan fumed on his party MLA Rapaka Varaprasad for supporting the 'Three Capitals' bill which was introduced in the Assembly by the YSRCP government. Pawan spoke to the media in the late night after the bill getting passed in the assembly.

"The YSRCP government has deceived the farmers of Amaravati. What is the need to deploy anti-naxal squad, Octopus at my party office? The police did not even let us move out of our party office. Despite having 151 MLAs, the YCP government is unable to give a stable governance and never such incidents happened in the history of Andhra's existence," said Pawan.

On his party MLA Rapaka, the Jana Senani said, "We have sent clear instructions to him to oppose the bill. But he supported the 'Three Capitals' proposal' and we did not expect him to do so."

However, Pawan did not say anything whether he would take any action against Rapaka or not.

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