Will dethrone YSRCP govt: Pawan Kalyan

Will dethrone YSRCP govt: Pawan Kalyan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has met people and farmers of Amaravati region who were injured in the lathicharge of police at Assembly surroundings on Monday. Pained by this, Pawan has send strong warning to YSRCP government and added that the party's down fall has started.

"I will not rest until, I along with you all, dethrone the YSRCP. Jagan and his party have made self-goal by changing the capital and their existence is questionable in future. Just because YCP leaders have no lands in Amaravati, they want to shift the capital to Vizag," said Pawan and reiterated that Amaravati will be the permanent capital for AP.

"YSRCP made the farmers cry and did not hesitate to bash them up with police force. The cops have behaved like street side goons and YSRCP leaders' are showing their faction acts in Amaravati which is unacceptable. I have never seen such brutal police action in Andhra," stated Pawan.

The Jana Sena boss questioned why is the government not taking any action when it is continuously claiming Insider-Trading on Amaravati lands. "I will be flying to New Delhi tomorrow and will meet top BJP leaders and discuss with them about the 'Three Capitals' issue," summed up Pawan.

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