#ThreeCapitals: YSRCP govt to abolish council?

#ThreeCapitals: YSRCP govt to abolish council?

The YSRCP government received rude setback on the 'Three Capitals' bill. After passing it in Assembly, the bill got placed in Legislative council on Tuesday. However, the TDP which has good number in the council, used its power and served notices under Rule 71 and demanded for debate instead of the 'Three Capitals' bill.

Stunned by TDP's plan, YSRCP government is planning to abolish the entire Legislative council. The biggies of YSRCP and in the government are seriously contemplating on this and if possible, they are likely to call for a cabinet meeting immediately to abolish the council. The government is also taking legal issues in connection with abolishing council.

However, eliminating of the Legislative council is not that easy. Even after the cabinet resolution, the government should place in the Assembly and after Assembly approving, it should get Governor's acceptance. Even if the Governor nods for abolishing council, the government has to send the bill to Parliament through ministry of Home Affairs and then it should get Parliament approval.

So there is so much of process to abolish the legislative council and YSRCP government is in no mood to wait for such long considering the budget sessions are scheduled from next month.

The only factor that can work in YSRCP government's favour is keeping the 'Three Capitals' bill in cold storage. As per the provision of Assembly, if a bill is in pending for three months, the bill is deemed to be passed. Here council has no special powers, yet we have to see whether YSRCP government can wait for three months time.

Overall hectic political developments are happening in AP on the 'Three Capitals' bill.

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