#ThreeCapitals: Pawan asks to oppose, Jana Sena MLA supports

#ThreeCapitals: Pawan asks to oppose, Jana Sena MLA supports

As expected the only Jana Sena MLA in the AP Assembly as supported the 'Three Capitals' bill introduced by AP government. This is a surprise as Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has sent clear instructions to MLA Rapaka Vara Prasad to oppose the bill in the assembly. Caring nothing about Pawan's order, Rapaka supported the bill.

Speaking in the assembly, Rapaka said, "These days wherever I'm going, a majority of the people are in favour of 'Three Capitals.' Whatever I'm saying is also the people's opinion, not that of individual opinion. Like Mangalagiri MLA Alla Ramakrishna said that he is not worried about his political development and wants state all-round development, I too want the same. I congratulated CM YS Jagan and whole-heartedly support the bill."

With Rapaka's clear cut statement in support of 'Three Capitals', the only Jana Sena MLA has crossed the party's line. Will Pawan Kalyan take any action on Rapaka at least now?

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