Pachipoyina laddus: A flop movie by pawan?

Pachipoyina laddus: A flop movie by pawan?

Pawan Kalyan's sudden love for BJP is not understood by all yet, but there's a long list of allegations and scathing attacks from the actor-politician when they were on a break-up.

Lack of clarity and instability was and is still the main complaint against Pawan Kalyan and looks like the confused politician is keeping it up. There were multiple twists and a lot of U-turns in his political run so far and let us start with very famous 'Pachipoina Laddu'.

Pawan Kalyan has that temper to throw comments that he cannot defend later. It is still a wonder how he is back to BJP praising them in the alliance meet when the same Pawan Kalyan earlier said that BJP gave the 'decayed laddus' to the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Let us dive further into the curious story of twists and (U)turns of Pawan Kalyan political movie.

As a PRP leader, Pawan Kalyan attacked Chandrababu in 2009 that the latter is a Dacoit leader and the same Pawan campaigned for Chandrababu's TDP in 2014.

In another impulsive comment, Pawan tried to gain the sympathy of Telugu people by saying that BJP has been looking down at us like we are dogs and cut to present, he is in all praise of the lotus party.

Pawan launched a fact-finding committee with Loksatta JP and others only to find how central govt denied a 70K crores to the state of AP and now he ran to Delhi for the alliance talks. Netizens are calling his alliance move as the 'Fast Funding Committee'!

The Janasenani alleged that BJP is a religious party and the party discriminates always is partially based on region. The same who Pawan claimed Janasena as independent from caste, region, and religion. found BJP as the only option to save AP from YS Jagan.

Pawan once came down heavily on Modi, asking him not to trouble the AP just for his dislike for Chandrababu. In a controversial statement, Pawan also said that the Hindu leaders are the reason for many religious-chaos in the country, which he comfortably forgot today.

Pawan might have forgotten his comments that BJP used Pulwama attacks for political mileage, his falling on feet of Mayawati to split votes of Jagan, his alliance with communists after their 'ideologies match', his allegations on Modi for spending huge on foreign visits and expensive suit and many more, but people who voted for Janasena in last elections might not want to forget these.

Pawan Kalyan might have thought that he is joining hands with BJP to fight Jagan in the state. But the YSRC is the only party which gets first benifited by Janasena-BJP alliance. With absolutely no base in AP, the Bharatiya Janata Party is looking to build it with the help of Janasena leader, who does not know that his every move is benefitting YSRC in the state, but not anyone else. With his U-turn journey, Janasena chief will be staying where he started and there is likely a sequel for it, which we will discuss post-2024 elections. 

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