If Not Amaravathi, Make Kadapa the Capital Of AP

If Not Amaravathi, Make Kadapa the Capital Of AP

JC Diwaker Reddy is known for loud and bold comments irrespective of where he is and whom he is commenting on. His latest comments target CM YS Jagan and his three capital idea. In a demand, JC wants Kadapa to be announced as AP state capital if it is not Amaravathi.

JC feels that Jagan distanced himself from Congress by just being foolish and he is again failing as the CM of Andhra Pradesh for the same foolishness. JC alleges that Jagan is provoking differences and enraging them with caste and region cards by proposing three capitals, instead of one.

The Ex-MP and TDP leader spoke at media meet in TDP office at Narsaraopet underlining that a state capital is like a human head and it should be where the secretariat is. JC demands that the ruling of state should be done from Amaravathi and nobody cares of Jagan has ten camp offices.

When the assembly is of no use for the common public, except for MLAs and Ministers, JC asks if there is a need to change the capital. Also demanding to organize a discussion meet with Rayalaseema people on 23rd of this month, JC warned to agitate against him with a demand to make Kadapa as capital, if not Amaravathi.

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