Three Capitals: Vamsi Ordered to Vote In TDP's Favour

Three Capitals: Vamsi Ordered to Vote In TDP's Favour

Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi has received a whip order from DBV Swamy, to vote in favor of TDP's decision regarding the Three-Capital issue during the special assembly session on 20th day of this month.

A few days back, Vallabhaneni Vamsi has gone verbally heavy on Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh before resigning to his TDP membership and also his MLA post. There was a large number of predictions on how soon Vamsi will be joining YSRC, based on his verbal attack against Chandrababu and his meet with Jagan. But all of them remained just a cuckoo.

Later, Vamsi attended the assembly sessions and sat very much in seats allocated for TDP leaders. A warning too came along the whip for Vallabhaneni Vamsi, which says he is liable for appropriate action against himself, if deviated from the whip order and voted in favor of the government.

Well, we have to see if Vamsi will be following the instruction (or order) of TDP or will be going in favor of the government's decision. More than the instruction from the opposition or his bias for the government, his independent decision on the three-capital proposal is expected.

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