Telangana: BJP - Congress Secret Pact

Telangana: BJP - Congress Secret Pact

Telangana municipal elections have garnered curiosity with opposition getting united to take on ruling TRS. The arch rivals BJP and Congress have hidden pact in a lot of districts to corner ruling TRS candidates. Where BJP has a strong candidate, Congress leaders are unofficially supporting and vice versa.

It is also said that there is a secret understanding between both the party's state leaders to have even post-poll alliances to wipe out TRS from the chairman posts. This is a unique situation in Telangana state as else where both Congress and BJP are crossing swords. In districts like Nalgonda, openly both Congress and BJP are helping each other.

Meanwhile, TRS' full support to MIM is not going down well with both BJP and Congress. While Asaduddin Owaisi is getting permission to campaign freely, BJP leaders like Raja Singh are obstructed. These have angered BJP leaders which made them befriend with Congress locally in order to counter TRS. Even Congress leaders who are waiting to teach lesson to TRS are supporting BJP candidates where BJP has winning chances.

None other than minister KTR openly alleged that both the national parties have colluded to take on TRS in the municipal polls. "In most of the places, the BJP and Congress are in an understanding and supporting each other. It is shameful on their part," KTR said.

The elections to 130 urban local bodies (ULBs) are being held on January 22. And the counting of votes and declaration of results will be done on January 25. The Lotus Party is hoping to spring surprise everyone with the result in these polls. In 2019 general elections for Lok Sabha, BJP had shocked everyone by bagging 4 MP seats. It is hoping to recreate similar magic and position itself as a serious contender in Telangana alongside TRS and Congress. Let's wait for Jan 25th to know the people's verdict.

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