Pawan is a 'Freelance Politician': YSRCP

Pawan is a 'Freelance Politician': YSRCP

The alliance of BJP and Jana Sena party did not go down well with the ruling YSRCP and Left parties. In counter to Pawan's comments that why YSRCP is unable to demand 'Special Status' to AP despite having over 20 MPs in Lok Sabha, the ruling party lashed out at the Jana Sena chief.

"Pawan Kalyan is a Freelance politician. He and his party doesn't have an ideology, character. Only for the sake of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan established Jana Sena. YSRCP will have no loss with BJP and Jana Sena alliance," said Anakapalli MLA Amarnath.

The YSRCP leader also said Pawan should contest the municipal elections and win as Sarpanch first, then should think of forming the next government in the state.

CPI Narayana criticized Pawan for his comments that "Jana Sena and BJP" ideologies are almost similar. "When Pawan was with us, he said Jana Sena philosophy matches with Left parties and now he says it is with BJP. He is not indebted to us but he is to the people and to the democracy. Pawan is doing opportunistic politics which is not good ," said Narayana.

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