Leaked: Prudhvi's Private Call With An Unknown Woman?

Leaked: Prudhvi's Private Call With An Unknown Woman?

Comedian Prudhvi who was appointed by SVBC chairman, is busy with the channel activities these days. The other day he shot to headlines by criticizing actor Posani Krishna Murali and supporting YSRCP.

Now Prudhvi is in news for wrong reasons. A leaked audio clip of Prudhvi's conversation with an unknown woman is going viral on the internet.

In this, Prudhvi says he has stopped alcohol consumption for some time and asks the woman what is she doing. He also says that if he wants to start drinking again, he will do it with the woman on call. The call appears so intimate, that he wanted to hug her tight from the back in the office after saying that he loves but doesnot know the reason for it.

However, we not sure whether the male voice in the audio of clip is Prudhvi and how old is this leaked clip. We are yet to hear it from Prudhvi on this audio clip. Generally he doesn't shy away from anything controversial and we have to wait for his reaction.

What will YSRCP do, if the voice is of Prudhvi's? Sounds too complicated.

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