'Orey L****Kodaka! Ani Thittalani Pistundi' YCP MLA to Chandrababu

'Orey L****Kodaka! Ani Thittalani Pistundi'  YCP MLA to Chandrababu

YSR Congress MLA from Kakinada City Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy has abused TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu with filthy language. The YSRCP staged a rally in support of 'Three Capitals' in Kakinada and addressing the public, Dwarampudi got carried away.

"Chandrababu is only protesting for the sake big people who bought land in Amaravati. Is 'Three Capitals' idea a mistake?" said Dwarampudi and went on to say that, "O Rey L**** Kodaka Ani Thittalani Pistundi," said the YSRCP MLA.

Also the ruling party leader took on Nara Lokesh and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. "Pappu Lokesh… Vaadini Kuda Kovvu Karigela Manam Buddhi Cheppali.. Pawan Kalyan Chese Panulu Oka L**** Chesinattu Chestunnav.. Dongana Kodaka," said Dwarampudi.

Well, these are the most disgusting comments ever and YSRCP MLA should apologise publicly for making such derogatory language against a senior most politician in the state. People don't appreciate such things.

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