Brahmani gets 'Amma Vodi'; Lokesh slams YCP cheap trick

Brahmani gets 'Amma Vodi'; Lokesh slams YCP cheap trick

AP CM YS Jagan has launched his personal prestigious project, 'Amma Vodi' yesterday which would benefit below poverty line children and their mothers financially. This is one of the best welfare schemes of Jagan's poll promise and its implementation is the need of the hour.

But the YSRCP is indulging in cheap tricks to get unwanted publicity. A YSRCP enthusiast has shared a post on social media that TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh's wife Brahmani got the benefit of 'Amma Vodi' and a sum of Rs 15,000 got credited in her account. Irked by this, Lokesh has slammed YSRCP and their social media supporters for stooping down to a new low.

"I pity the efforts of YSRCP social media teams for doing this and I'm not in a such plight situation but the money should go to the rightful beneficiaries. Jagan showed us an imaginative picture of 'Amma Vodi' and is diverting Rs 6000 crore budget allotted for this scheme. The government is coming up with terms and condition and imposing many restrictions on people want to enroll under this scheme," tweeted Lokesh.

The TDP leader warned the YCP social media wings to be watchful, if not he would expose the facts of YSRCP and Jagan's poll promises, then people would take things into their hands. "You can play your tricks before Jagan but not before me," cautioned Lokesh.

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