Midnight politics: Vangaveeti meets Lokesh

Midnight politics: Vangaveeti meets Lokesh

Right before the general elections in AP, Vangaveeti Radha quit YSRCP and joined Telugu Desam. Though he did not contest the polls, he campaigned for the TDP candidates. With TDP's defeat, he stayed away from politics and many thought that he is deliberately keeping politics at bay.

But all of a sudden, Vangaveeti was seen at Chandrababu's residence in Vijayawada last night. After being arrested by the cops in Thullur, Chandrababu, Lokesh and other TDP leaders reached the TDP chief residence. Getting to know about the arrest, Radha reached Chandrababu's residence. He met Lokesh and learned about the events that took place.

However, Radha could not meet Chandrababu and after meeting Lokesh, he left the place. The TDP leaders were stunned upon seeing Vangaveeti out of the blue. All these days he is staying away from the TDP activities and protest and many wondered why did he come now!

Is Radha is going to be back in active politics? Earlier there had been reports that Radha is looking at Jana Sena and even met Pawan Kalyan a few months back. What is Radha's strategy in politics? Only he knows!

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