'Will stick Asad's beard to KCR'

'Will stick Asad's beard to KCR'

Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Aravind has been very aggressive against the ruling TRS party ever since he got elected. Now he went on to make controversial remarks against KCR and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi.

Speaking at the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) awareness camp in Nizamabad, Aravind, said he will shave Asad's long beard and stick to KCR's face. Adding, the BJP MP said KCR is not supporting CAA only for Muslims votes and is acting CM of only Majlis.

Mocking the Hyderabad MP, Aravind said, "Asad could not save his own brother who was stabbed and shot by goons on Hyderabad roads. He can do nothing coming to Nizamabad and with the help of TRS, Majlis is trying to grab the Mayor chair of Nizamabad. That will not happen."

"TRS has no right to criticise BJP on CAA. Did not Hindus vote to TRS and so the party secured 90 MLAs in the assembly elections. KCR is behaving like unofficials spokesperson of Majlis," stated Aravind.

These are serious comments by the BJP leader. How will TRS and Majlis counter it? We shall wait.

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