Chinni Krishna's Oosaravelli Talk On Megastar Chiru

Chinni Krishna's Oosaravelli Talk On Megastar Chiru

"If you throw stones and else on Annayya Megastar Chiranjeevi garu, it will hit them back with thousand times return force" says writer Chinni Krishna, praising Megastar to the sky. He's the same writer who has insulted Megastar by saying that mega family never gave even a glass of water or a day's meal to anyone in the industry. But why this change?

Back then, Chinni Krishna has called for a press meet in order to throw a punch on Pawan Kalyan and to extend his support to YSR Congress. During that time, he breathed fire on Chiru, saying that the Megastar became a star hero due to people and alleged that such a top hero did nothing for people in return. And he commented on how Chiru sold the party and even warned to reveal more secrets about the senior hero to the world. Now that, Chiru supported YS Jagan's idea of three capitals, it looks like Chinni found a way to make amendments with Chiru.

"Many Chief Ministers will come and go, but Megastar remains Megastar due to his sacrifices, maturity and humbleness. He is the only people's leader whom I could say that there are zero percent mistakes in his career" is what Chinni said when asked about why he has thrown mud on Chiru earlier. That doesn't justify his previous mud slinging, but then only showcases his double-tongued 'oosaravelli' like behaviour.

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