Different Opinions On Chiru's Support

Different Opinions On Chiru's Support

With Megastar Chiranjeevi openly endorsing Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan's idea of establishing three capitals for the state including that of Vizag, criticism is coming from all directions. The major allegation is that Chiru is concerned about constructing a studio in his Vizag land, but nothing more than that.

Well, if we delve deeper into that, there seems to be no logic backing that allegation. And just to build a studio, Chiranjeevi need not endorse Jagan's views as well. Actually Chiranjeevi owns a big piece of land in Vizag not now, but from the last 15 years. So he could have easily built a studio with the support of his good friend Ganta Srinivasa Rao even when Telugudesam party is in power after the bifurcation.

Also in the present scenario, building a studio is neither a profitable business nor it does great help to filmmaking in Andhra Pradesh. Already there is Ramanaidu studio in Vizag, so any other studio will not be required for the now. So Megastar might have not supported Jagan's view just for studio sake without knowing all this.

On the other hand, whether Chiranjeevi has the idea of building a studio in Vizag or not, they say that his decision to support Vizag as a capital must have other reason. If not financial reason, maybe the former Union Minister should spell out his true observations to make Vizag a capital, in order to curb unwanted criticism.

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