All Waiting For Pawan's Reaction on Chiru's Letter

All Waiting For Pawan's Reaction on Chiru's Letter

Chiranjeevi's letter extending his support to AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy over the proposed 3 capital model for the new state has sent Janasena leaders, workers and fans of Pawan Kalyan into a tizzy situation. Janasainiks are caught off guard ever since Chiru announced his support to CM Jagan.

Chiru in the letter opined that the decentralization of power and governance is very much possible and doable. Chiru stated that he has faith and belief in Jagan that he would develop the state as per a proper plan. Chiru said the proposed idea to make Vizag as Executive Capital and Kurnool as Legal Capital besides Amaravati as Legislative Capital is a welcome change. Chiru gave a call to all his supporters, fans to welcome CM Jagan's move.

This shocking support of Chiru to CM Jagan is the talking point in political circles. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan, who is waging a war with CM Jagan on day-to-day basis, is tight lipped over his elder brother's support to CM Jagan. Now, all eyes are on Pawan's reaction to Chiru's support to Jagan and his letter.

With so many widespread rumours, speculations around Chiru's original letter, followed by a fake letter, Chiranjeevi has sent a voice message confirming his support to CM Jagan. Chiru's support to Jagan on the issue turned out to be a rude shock to Pawan and his party. One needs to wait and see, what would Pawan say and how he would defend his big brother.

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