Amaravati Farmers Not Happy With YCP's 'Return' Gift

Amaravati Farmers Not Happy With YCP's 'Return' Gift

YSRCP minister Peddireddi Ramachandra Reddy blew up a whole new controversy regarding the Andhra Pradesh capitals. Speaking to the media he said that the farmers who have offered their land for capital construction will be returned.

These comments did not go down well with the agitating farmers who are protesting in Amaravati since the last three days. One of the farmers said, "When the capital was announced, it was CM YS Jagan who said a capital city needs 30,000 acres land and now he wants to change the capital while his ministers are saying they will return the lands to farmers. This is any child play."

Another farmer said, "We trusted then state government that if a capital is constructed here, our children and others will be opportunity and employment. What is their future now? The current government is betraying farmers trust."

Adding, "Even if the land is returned to farmers, it will be of no use as fertile land has been converted into concrete jungle. Roads were laid, many constructions are in progress and it is not appropriate to make such comments and throw the farmers in distress," said the farmers. They also appealed the YSRCP government and ministers not to make such hasty comments and lead to more confusion.

With farmers protesting, the police have imposed 144 section at villages surrounding Amaravati.

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