#APCapitals: 'Jagan's Decision Helping Telangana'

#APCapitals: 'Jagan's Decision Helping Telangana'

The announcement of three capitals to Andhra state by CM YS Jagan is still creating ripples. Especially the farmers of Amaravati region are agitating and intensifying their protest. The main opposition, TDP is also demanding the state government to take back its proposal.

Speaking on it TDP leader Dhulipalla Narendra said, "By comparing Andhra Pradesh with South Africa, CM Jagan has insulted the people. The decision to have three capitals will benefit neighbor Telugu state, Telangana instead of Andhra Pradesh. This is part of Jagan's mind game."

The TDP leader also opined that the development will not go ahead with decentralization and the farmers who have contributed their valuable lands should be taken into consideration before taking a call on capital. Narendra also warned that if injustice is met to farmers, they will definitely payback.

Former minister Narayana has appealed to the YSRCP government to not to throw the farmers in distress regarding the capital. Speaking to the media, Narayana said, "In just 58 days we gathered 33,000 acres of land for capital back then. It is not appropriate now to shift the capital from here. CM Jagan should rethink his decision."

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