BJP MLA In 'Rowdy-Sheeter' List; He Reacts!

BJP MLA In 'Rowdy-Sheeter' List; He Reacts!

In the last year assembly elections, BJP has embarrassingly won just one seat and it is from Hyderabad. Goshamahal MLA popularly known as Tiger Raja Singh is doing a lone battle against the TRS party in the assembly. The ruling party tried every bit to corner him but being a head strong person, Raja Singh never bowed down.

In a fresh controversy, Raja Singh has been named in the 'Rowdy-Sheeter' list prepared by the Mangalhat Police station. The BJP MLA's name appeared in the list at 24th place and the MLA's supporters and BJP activists are fuming over this.

Reacting on this, Raja Singh expressed his unhappiness and questioned why the Telangana police are still not recognizing him as an MLA. 'People know how I work and that's why I got elected for the second time. But still I'm a ROWDY in Telangana police view,' said Raja Singh.

Adding, there are many goons in ruling party and do the police have courage to keep TRS MLAs and ministers names in such things,' asked Raja Singh. 'Though I'm not at all worried but I'm questioning myself whether I'm an MLA or rowdy-sheeter,' concluded the BJP MLA.

Will the police come up with an explanation regarding this or stay silent to keep the controversy out of the limelight? Not sure, but the TRS party may not react as it leads to nowhere and doesn't want BJP to take advantage of it.

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