TDP Leaders Welcoming Jagan's Move, But Not Naidu

TDP Leaders Welcoming Jagan's Move, But Not Naidu

AP CM YS Jagan announcing three capital cities for the state, created a huge storm in the political circles. Opposition leader and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu called it a 'Tughluq' act and YSRCP government is confusing the farmers of Amaravati who have lent their land for the capital construction.

Surprisingly no surprises here, Vizag (North) MLA Ganta Srinivas Rao has welcomed AP CM YS Jagan's decision to make the beach city as Executive capital. In fact Ganta is the first from the TDP to back Jagan's announcement and slowly one leader after the other are coming out in support of this idea.

On the last day of winter assembly sessions, CM YS Jagan said that to decentralize the development, the state might have three capitals i.e, Vizag as Executive Capital, Amaravati as Legislature capital and Kurnool as Judiciary capital.

Ganta took to his official Twitter handle and added that Vizag has all the credentials to become the Executive capital of the state. "Vizag is connected by land, road and water ways and if it is made Executive Capital, the city will develop into a world class space and will definitely become an aspiration for the people of Andhra Pradesh," tweeted Ganta.

On the contrary, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu lashed out CM Jagan and questioned where will the CM stay if there are three places as capitals i.e, in Amaravati, Idupulapaya or Vizag? TDP needs to come out with a united decision that can corner the YSRCP government on the capital. But if leaders say something and Chief has different opinion, then it would be advantage YSRCP.

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