Pawan Kalyan Is An Intelligent Narcissist: Raju Raviteja

Pawan Kalyan Is An Intelligent Narcissist: Raju Raviteja

Former Jana Sena Party general secretary Raju Raviteja lashed out at Pawan Kalyan and added that he is a clever and intelligent narcissist.

Raju Raviteja called on the media at Somajiguda Press Club and issued a clarification regarding his resignation to the party. "This is not the Jana Sena that I and Pawan Kalyan intended initially. We decided that Jana Sena should be above caste, creed and religion. But in the recent times, Pawan has tweeted a lot about caste and religion. This shows he has changed a lot and his language too which is even more dangerous. Like so the real face of Pawan got exposed," said Raju Raviteja.

Adding, "The reason for me to call the press is, I informed Pawan that I don't wanmt to continue in Jana Sena as the journey is uncomfortable. He did not personally reply to me but issued a press statement in which he mentioned that I should have 'Jagan'mata blessings." Further, he said, "I will not join any political party. I'm not that reputed leader who has following. It was Pawan who encouraged me."

About the party, Raju Raviteja said, "Jana Sena has no base at grass root level and so the party failed. Pawan Kalyan doesn't want anyone to grow in the party and if he sees anybody being active in the party, he will be snubbed. He wants to control everything in the party which doesn't work on a long run and frankly there is no freedom for anyone in the party. Seniors within Jana Sena rejoiced looking at the election results and the party has internal enemies."

He added in the past he quit Jana Sena and rejoined again but this time the same scene will not repeat. "Pawan is power hunger so early and have no knowledge why he is so eager. For this he using caste and religion. Even when a party activists made violent sort of comments in a meeting, Pawan did not condemn it," said Raju Raviteja.

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