Roja condemns Ayesha's mother claims

Roja condemns Ayesha's mother claims

YSRCP MLA Roja has condemned the allegations of Ayesha Mira's mother claims who said that the former knows who raped and killed her daughter.

The other day speaking to media, Ayesha's mother said, "Roja knows who is behind my daughter's crime. Yet she doesn't speak in the assembly. Justice will meet only who have money and influence." As soon as she made the above statement, it went viral and speculations were rife whether the YSRCP leader had any hand in it.

In reaction, Roja completely denied such allegations. Talking to the media the YSRCP MLA said, "I have absolutely no clue who is really behind Ayesha's rape and murder and why Ayesha's mother said so. This clearly shows somebody is behind her and Ayesha's mother is deliberately trying to defame me."

Adding, "If I had known about the culprit why would I stay calm for ten years. If had known then, TDP leaders too will have an idea about it. This is nothing but a false claim."

Meanwhile, post-mortem is re-performed to Ayesha's corpse on Saturday. In this report, the doctors mentioned that there are injury marks on her head and hand.

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