That's a serious mistake of Pawan Kalyan

That's a serious mistake of Pawan Kalyan

Just with a fake 'show cause' notice doing rounds, Janasena's only MLA Rapaka Vara Prasad has stunned the party heads by indirectly lashing it out in sharpest tongue. "He has failed to win for himself in two places, and how could he have scripted my win?", reportedly a letter shot by Rapaka read it out.

Looking at this, political analysts feel that Pawan Kalyan has done another biggest mistake when it comes to treating Rapaka inside the party. "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar" is what they say (Gelichinode Raju) and Pawan Kalyan must be knowing that very well. Going by that, Janasena should appropriate Rapaka to a higher position, but they failed to do so.

Rapaka who comes from the backwards community should be made a working president of the party in the wake of the fact that he's the only one who has won for Janasena. But with Pawan neither inviting him to any events nor giving him any post, one wonders what doesn't Rapaka have that other so-called leaders in Janasena have?

Mistake after mistake is adding only to Pawan Kalyan's poor understanding of politics, service and future plans.

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