Anti-Naidu: Jagan govt suspends IRS officer

Anti-Naidu: Jagan govt suspends IRS officer

Till date AP CM YS Jagan led YSRCP government is undoing all the things that the last TDP government has done and now their target seems to be the government officials. On Thursday, AP government suspended Indian Revenue Officer named Jasti Krishna Kishore on corruption allegations.

Krishna Kishore served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AP Economic Development Board in Chandrababu's government. The current government claims that Krishna Kishore did economic irregularities and has also directed CID and ACB Director Generals (DG) to file cases against him and probe all the corruption allegations.

The YSRCP government has set six months time frame for the CID and ACB and also ordered Krishna Kishore not to leave Amaravati during the investigation without the consent of the government.

This is really a bold and risky move by the YSRCP government. Since the beginning they have been alleging that Inside-Trading happened in Amaravati but could not come up with concrete evidence. This suspension of IRS officer might be the first step.

We have to see what will CID and ACB prove in Krishna Kishore's case.

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