Babu calls Jagan 'Psycho'; Uproar in Assembly

Babu calls Jagan 'Psycho'; Uproar in Assembly

Once again the AP Assembly witnessed a tensed atmosphere. On Thursday TDP staged a protest against the G.O. number 2430 which the YSRCP government brought to take action against print and electronic media. TDP protested outside the Assembly and when they were entering, marshal stopped them.

TDP leaders were asked to leave the placards, banners and black bands outside at the assembly entrance as they were not allowed. At one point of time, TDP leaders and marshals were pushing each other. With no other option, TDP leaders left everything out and walked inside.

Raising this issue, Chandrababu brought the misbehavior of marshals to the notice of Speaker Tammineni. Intervening in this Finance minister Bugganna said, it is the TDP leaders who pushed the marshals and also played the video of this incident.

In the video Chandrababu was caught calling Jagan as 'Unmadi'(Psycho) and YSRCP leaders fumed over this. They demanded an apology from the TDP chief. But the TDP hit back at YSRCP that it's the government and CM who should apologize first.

It took some time for the speaker to control both the parties. Later Chandrababu spoke and added that he will not say sorry to Jagan while Jagan replied that he is not expecting that from Chandrababu.

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