'Chandrababu will become CM in 2022'

'Chandrababu will become CM in 2022'

The above statement was made by Anantapur TDP leader JC Pavan Reddy. Since a few days there came media reports that Anantapur TDP leaders JC Diwakar Reddy and Prabhakar Reddy along with their sons, will join BJP. Till date no such development took place while the JCs' were not available to comment on this.

Opening up about these rumours Pavan said, "There is no question of leaving TDP and will stay in the party till my last breath." On the illegal cases against JC followers, Pavan added that if the government with the help of police wants to file cases then, they should do against me, my father and my uncle Prabhakar Reddy not our followers.

Criticizing the YSRCP government, Pavan said that even the ruling party leaders are not liking their government. In 2022, the nation will go for elections at a time and TDP's flag will fly high and Chandrababu will again become the chief minister.

So that puts end to the speculation of JC family looking at BJP. But this may be temporary as we never know anything can happen in politics.

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