Prove Heritage Is Mine, Naidu Challenges Jagan

Prove Heritage Is Mine, Naidu Challenges Jagan

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has challenged AP CM YS Jagan on the latter's 'Heritage' comments in the assembly on Monday. On the onion prices, YSRCP and TDP leaders are at war of words.

Speaking on Jagan's comments, Chandrababu said, "I have made it clear that Heritage is now not associated with us. If Jagan proves it, then I will resign to my MLA post. Will Jagan resign to his CM post, if he fails?"

Lashing out further, the TDP chief further said, "Despite clarifying that Heritage is not our business, CM Jagan is deliberately saying that it belongs to us. Does Jagan has the courage to take up my challenge?"

On the first day of winter sessions, TDP protested against the soaring onion price. Jagan speaking in the assembly said that the government is providing onions at Rs 25 while in Chandrababu's Heritage supermarket kilo onions are being sold at Rs 200. This is hypocrisy.

Earlier to Chandrababu's comments, NTR Trust member Nara Bhuvaneswari also clarified that Heritage now belongs to Future Groups and has nothing to do with them.

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