Two among the four Disha rapists are minors?

Two among the four Disha rapists are minors?

The age of the two accused among the four in Disha's rape and murder is being widely discussed now. On Monday the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has quizzed the parents of the four deceased and here, they reportedly told the NHRC that the police killed all them brutally without even considering that two are minors.

Taking these statements into consideration, NHRC has asked the parents to produce valid documents regarding the age of the two minors. Getting to know about this the Shadnagar police held raids at the residences of two who are claimed as minors.

In their search the police found the Aadhar cards and Bonafide certificates of the two rumoured to be minors. But surprisingly in the Aadhar card of one, the birth year is registered as 2001 while in the school Bonafide certificate, it is recorded as 15-8-2002. In one more minor's certificate, the birth year is registered as 2004.

These are confusing even the cops and they are expressing their doubts on the documents. Also the police learned that neither Mohammad Arif and Chennakeshavulu have driving license despite they claiming as truck drivers which are heavy vehicles.

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