Jagan's Touching gesture Towards Atcchannaidu

Jagan's Touching gesture Towards Atcchannaidu

In the last assembly sessions, AP CM YS Jagan mocked TDP leader Atcchannaidu with body shaming comments. "For few leaders, the body size has doubled but brain is just the same which is very tiny," satired Jagan.

Recently the TDP leader Atcchannaidu met with a road accident and sustained minor injuries. On Monday morning, CM Jagan, YSRCP leaders and TDP leaders attended the BAC meeting before the commencement of assembly sessions. Noticing that Atchannaidu was also there, Jagan directly walked towards him and asked about the accident and injuries.

Atcchannaidu too politely replied and showed his arm which got more hurt. For a few minutes, Jagan and the TDP leader had light-hearted talk and then the BAC meeting resumed. YSRCP  leaders present over there said, see our leader (Jagan) has immense respect for you to Atcchannaidu.

In reply the TDP leader said, we have nothing personal against each other. "He (Jagan) is in his own established party and I'm in TDP. It's just the distance," said Atcchannaidu.

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