#Disha: NHRC shoots tough questions to the cops

#Disha: NHRC shoots tough questions to the cops

The investigation team of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has examined the bodies of Four Disha accused who were killed in an alleged encounter at Mahabubnagar government hospital. The team went to the hospital along with a forensic team.

Earlier, the team visited Chatanpally, where the four accused in Veterinary Doctor's rape and murder case were encountered. The team also questioned the two police officers, including Venkateshwarlu, sub-inspector of police, and Aravind Goud, constable, who were injured during the alleged exchange of fire between the police and the accused on Friday at Chattanpally, near Shadnagar.

However, the questioning by NHRC has become much more severe today and they asked cops on why they did not try hard to catch the culprits alive when they tried to escape. "The four accused said to have snatched weapons from the police but only two policemen had weapons at that time. That means, only two of the accused must have held the guns. Why did you encounter all four of them?" asked the cops who were involved in the encounter.

Moreover, the primary culprit Mohammed Areef is said to be having three bullet injuries on his body. In spite of three bullets, how can Areef hold the gun and attack the cops, asked the team. Also, Chennakesavulu, another accused, had the gun in his hand even after falling on the ground, which made NHRC suspect the scene. Currently, the two cops who have been injured during the encounter are taking the treatment at Gachibowli care hospital and the NHRC team did not hesitate to ask crucial questions in the hospital for nearly three hours.

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