#Disha Incident: CM Jagan Gets Trolled. Here's Why!

#Disha Incident: CM Jagan Gets Trolled. Here's Why!

The Disha incident had shook the entire nation. It even became international news. And all the four culprits behind this heinous crime have been killed in a police encounter. AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy is one among the netas who had welcome the encounter. This is not all.

However, Jagan's statement in AP Assembly briefing the Disha incident has become fodder to trollers. CM Jagan said Disha had got off her bike at the toll gate to pay the toll. And that's when four culprits had punctured her bike and made her wait and subsequently raped her brutally and killed and burnt her body. This is what CM Jagan has said in AP Assembly while making his statement on Disha incident. He went onto said he welcomes the encounter done by Telangana police.

Whereas the original story goes like this. Disha had parked her bike near a toll gate and took a sharing cab to Gachibowli. After she returned in another sharing cab on the fateful day, she found that her bike was punctured. That's when the culprits had offered her help in getting her bike repaired. They had forcefully taken her to a remote place nearby and brutally raped and killed and burnt her body.

Looks like, CM Jagan has got the Disha story wrong. Since he is making a statement on such crucial issue, probably, CM Jagan should have done a proper home work. Or CM Jagan seems to have said it by mistake. Either ways, CM Jagan shouldn't have done such mistake. Meanwhile, CM Jagan is bringing a strict law in AP very soon to protect the women and thus eradicate the crimes against women.

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