Hats off to KCR: Jagan In AP Assembly

Hats off to KCR: Jagan In AP Assembly

AP CM YS Jagan has once again praised Telangana CM KCR in AP Assembly. On the first day of winter sessions, the assembly was debating about the crime incidents against women.

Speaking on this occasion, Jagan said, "Disha brutal rape and murder in Hyderabad really hurt me and I felt that there is nothing wrong in shooting the accusers. Telangana CM KCR took a bold decision and I really appreciate him. Hats off to KCR!"

On other incidents, Jagan said that till date Nirbhaya's rapists are not punished and expressed his agony. Indirectly mentioning about last TDP government, "In last regime, women were attacked yet no action was taken against the attackers. Our YSRCP government is committed to protect women and anyone who indulges in crime will be severely punished," said Jagan and also opined that the laws should change in order reaffirm women's security.

This is not the first instance Jagan praised KCR in AP Assembly. Previously on the irrigation projects, the AP CM hailed his counter part.

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