Man Died For Onions, Pawan Gives Valid Suggestion To CM

Man Died For Onions, Pawan Gives Valid Suggestion To CM

The increasing onion prices are deeply hurting the common man all over the country. In Andhra Pradesh, though the government is providing subsidized onions at all the Rythu bazars, the stock is very limited and everywhere long queues are being witnessed and to get one kilo of onions, people are waiting a minimum of six hours in the line.

At one incident, a man has lost his life standing in queue. This happened in Krishna district and old man identified as 55 years old Sambaiah suffered heart attack who stood in the line for onions. While shifting him to government hospital, he breathed his last mid-way. Anguished by this Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has shared the video of the man who lost his life and made a proper suggestion to the government that AP CM YS Jagan should seriously consider.

"Instead of making people stand in queue for the whole day, why is the government not supplying onions at Rs 25 per kilo directly to the people with the help of Village Volunteers? AP CM YS Jagan should explain this," tweeted Pawan.

This is a valid suggestion from the Jana Sena chief and instead of doing politics on onion prices, the YSRCP government should definitely look into the possibilities of supplying onions with village vlounteers. If this can be brought into effective, people will be relieved big time.

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