Babu's strong funder joins YSRCP

Babu's strong funder joins YSRCP

In a big blow to TDP and Chandrababu, Nellore's Beeda Masthan Rao has joined the YSRCP in the presences of party chief YS Jagan. Masthan Rao was Chandrababu's most trusted confidant and also strong funder to the party. Post the elections he is staying away from the party activities and on Friday he resigned to TDP and to the primary membership.

Speaking after joining YSRCP, Masthan Rao said he got attracted to the welfare schemes being implemented by AP CM YS Jagan. "In just six months of time, Jagan has implemented eighty percent of the promises made before the elections," said Masthan Rao and about leaving TDP, he added that he had no differences with anybody.

Masthan Rao was former MLA for Kavali. In the last elections, he contested for Nellore Lok Sabha and lost to YSRCP candidate. Recently in the Aqua farmers conference in which CM Jagan was chief guest, Masthan Rao was spotted and then speculations started that he is going to YSRCP soon. The rest is history.

Rajya Sabha MP Vijaya Sai Reddy and irrigation minister Anil Kumar Yadav have accompanied Masthan Rao to meet Jagan. However, there is an uproar over Masthan Rao's induction into YSRCP in Nellore district.

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