The Other Side Of Killing Rapists: What About Them?

The Other Side Of Killing Rapists: What About Them?

Whenever an acid attack, rape or brutal killing take places, often people get emotional only to demand an instant killing. That's what countries like Saudi Arabia do where public beheading is a common sight, but a civilised, educated and democratic country like India has laws (and a constitution) in place to tackle the criminals. And now that Disha's rapists are killed in the encounter, the whole of Hyderabad is super happy, but let us not forget the other side of it.

'Prevention is better than cure' and that is one superb line we tend to forget most of the times. Rather delivering the 'justice' by taking the law into hands, police should have acted swiftly when the parents of Disha approached them when their daughter was missing and her phone switched off. How do we correct the inefficiency and negligence of those officials who have escaped doing their duty that day?

The day before the ghastly crime, the lorry used by the rapists was indiscreetly left by Mahabubnagar RTO officials though they know that is carrying goods beyond its limit. Had the stopped the lorry and took the driver (and cleaners) into custody, today Disha herself would have been alive rather her name as a hashtag on social media. Had the police patrol party that warned the lorry to be removed from the parking area acted on the spot to take action, maybe those cruel demons would have not got the chance to commit the ghastly crime in the first place.

Better education, better livelihoods, teaching parents the need for better upbringing, teaching men to respect women, building a better society, stringent laws, swiftly responding police system- would have all contributed to the life of the veterinary doctor rather celebrate the death of the people who awarded her death.

In the end, prevention is better than cure, and now that the case is ended abruptly with these extra-judicial killings, let us not forget that our duty is to prevent these crimes in the future.

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