Food Delivery Boy Arrested For Raping A Minor Girl

Food Delivery Boy Arrested For Raping A Minor Girl

The society, instead of getting better with the stricter crime laws and repeated awareness in various forms is only getting regressive with another case bringing a shock to the locals. A food delivery boy, reportedly from the popular food company Swiggy has been taken into custody after abducting and sexually assaulting a minor girl from Special Home for Children in Nimboliadda.

Swiggy delivery body is just 21-year-old, named P Shiva. Going into the details, the head administrator or the matron of the home gave the keys of the main gate to a group of girls asking them to open it only when someone she named in the particular comes home. The girl, who fell as a victim, opened the gate and forgot to relock, which became an easy work for Shiva.

After handing the keys to the matron, the girl got a call from Shiva on watchman's mobile phone, who was lured to do the intended work.  Shiva along with his friends kidnapped the girl and took to Miyapur where they kept her for three days and sexually assaulted her. On the other hand, a missing case has been filed on the girl  by the home staff at Miyapur police station.

The cops were alert and quick in tracing out the girl and the accused, Shiva, who was already absconding by then was arrested by the police on Wednesday night. He admitted to sexually violating the girl.

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