Nandini Reddy Finally Gets A Mega Hero's Film

Nandini Reddy Finally Gets A Mega Hero's Film

Director Nandini Reddy somehow lost that charm for reasons unknown as she's not immediately rushed by any big heroes though her 'Oh Baby' turned out to be a decent money spinner at the box office. And then, she thought of directing sensational star Vijay Devarakonda, but thinks are not working out.

With Vijay having no dates for Nandini Reddy anytime soon, she is said to have approached Sai Dharam Tej's brother Vaisshnav Tej with a script. And the youngster whose debut film Uppena, being produced by Sukumar is yet to come out, has liked the love story narrated by Nandini pretty much.

Reports are coming out that Aswini Dutt's daughter Swapna will be producing this film of Vaishnav Tej and Nandini, the first-ever film of Nandini with a hero from mega camp. Though she has impressed the likes of Allu Arjun with her directorial skills, they say that she failed to impress them with her stories. Hope this film will pave the way to bigger heroes for her.

On the other hand, Nandini Reddy directed of the four stories of Netflix Telugu version of Lust Stories with Amala Paul in the lead.

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