Kill Me Too: Disha Rapist's Pregnant Wife

Kill Me Too: Disha Rapist's Pregnant Wife

While the whole country is celebrating that the rapists of Disha are encountered, the family members of the accused are outraged.

One of the accused, Chennakeshavulu's wife who is pregnant said this encounter is not appropriate. "The case is under investigation. If the court had punished my husband, I would have been happy. But the way in which my husband was killed is wrong and I don't accept that it is encounter," said the lady. She added that the lady (Disha) who got raped should have called the police instead of calling her sister and it is injustice to kill four people for one woman. She also asked the police to kill her where her husband was encountered and she doesn't want to live anymore.

Meanwhile the police have moved the accused dead bodies to the government hospital. In few minutes, the post-mortem will be conducted for them. The police are likely to hand over the corpse to the family members. An official confirmation is awaited regarding the same.

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