Kia Investment in AP : Who Is True Champion?

Kia Investment in AP : Who Is True Champion?

The Kia's first ever major manufacturing unit in India had come to the truncated state of Andhra Pradesh in Feb 2018 and the trail run of its first vehicle was done in early 2019. Ever since Kia's debut in India, there has been a political one-upmanship over the credit of getting South Korean car company's investment to India, AP to be precise.

Then AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has been positioning himself as the champion of this huge automobile investment in AP and declared that AP would be hub for automobile industry, Naidu's claims have been contested by his political rivals YCP and BJP.

YCP, which had initially credited Modi while it was in Opposition in AP, has done a volte-face. It subsequently changed its words as per its convenience. YCP which stormed to power in 2019 general election, has given late YSR the full credit behind getting Kia to Andhra Pradesh. YSR's son and present CM YS Jagan has even launched the Kia's factory at Penukonda today. YCP is trying its best to position itself as the champion of Kia.

On the other hand, BJP had been claiming that it was PM Narendra Modi who was behind Kia's manufacturing unit in AP. Its AP unit leaders had blamed then CM Chandrababu and found fault with him for not giving due credit to PM Modi. They had alleged that Chandrababu Naidu had taken away the credit of PM Modi in Kia investment row. But BJP eventually lost to TDP vs YCP war over Kia. Now BJP leaders have turned silent on Kia row.

Now, the social media war has begun in Kia row. The netizens are divided between the three major parties. And each one has been posting critical comments against one another. YCP is at the receiving end with criticism coming from various corners. It needs to be seen how YCP would fight back in this online war on Kia.

However, the people are fed up over this unwanted controversy of political parties around Kia. The common people want the government and opposition to move on and focus on other bigger issues. Jagan administration should focus on getting other major investments to AP instead of trying to steal Kia credit from TDP. It's high time, Jagan government should work upon getting more investments and increasing employment in the cash-strapped AP.

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