Got scared of KCR promises to RTC: Harish Rao

Got scared of KCR promises to RTC: Harish Rao

Telangana finance minister Harish Rao said he initially got scared of promises made by CM KCR to TSRTC. Harish was the chief guest at CII's CFO conference and at this meeting, he said, that currently his position in the government is like Chief Financial Officer.

"Finance is like the heart of the body and handling it is tough. Finance doesn't mean just handling the resources but to manage many things. Earlier I was irrigation minister but Finance is a completely different ball game," said Harish.

Then on the RTC issue, "When KCR announced Rs 1000 crore allocations in every budget, my heart beat skipped for a moment," said Harish. However he did not dwell further as it would bring unwanted controversy.

But Harish's statements should be definitely taken into consideration as it is very difficult to allocate Rs 1000 crore budget for RTC. May be in a polite and indirect manner, Harish has clarified that it is a tough task. In another few months, Harish will present the budget and all eyes would definitely on him.

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