Nayani takes pot shots at KCR on RTC issue

Nayani takes pot shots at KCR on RTC issue

Ex-home minister and TRS leader Nayani Narasimha Reddy took pot shots at Telangana CM KCR on RTC issue. At a conference with labour unions and leaders, Nayani made interesting comments and now they have become a huge debate. However, Nayani made these statements during the weekend but the media got its attention lately.

"The governments are trying to eliminate unions from various corporations. That's highly impossible because the welfare of an employee is most important for any company to grow. No government can run without people and among people, labours are also part. The government is forgetting the effort of labours and in fact is trying to suppress their voice," said Nayani.

Further the TRS leader added when he was minister, he was the one who initiated the minimum wages committee. "The committee gave a report that an employee should be paid a fixed amount as minimum wage. Before getting an approval, the report got leaked to the media. Managements of few companies approached CM KCR not to approve this. KCR kept this report on hold but I asked him to approve it and in the last four years, I tried my best to convince KCR. Eventually I failed," said Nayani.

Nayani is most trusted man of KCR but the former was snubbed in the last assembly elections. Ever since then an upset Nayani is maintaining distance but is keeping in touch with party. We have to see what will TRS leaders have to say about Nayani's comments.

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