At 73 yrs age, Gaddar applies for Govt job

At 73 yrs age, Gaddar applies for Govt job

Revolutionary singer and social activist Gaddar has applied for a job at Telangana Samskruthika Sarathi (TSS). In details, TSS is holding interviews for cultural artists, singers and masters from November 25th. As Gaddar is famous for his awareness songs, he applied for a job at TSS.

Gaddar met TSS recruitment committee secretary Siva Kumar and submitted his application. In his job application, Gaddar mentioned that he is 73 years old and doesn't have any certificates to submit to TSS. Yet he urged them to consider his application.

Speaking on this Gaddar said, "It's the cultural singers and artists who have kept the Telangana moment going before the separate state formation. My profession is writing and singing and so I have applied for a job. There is nothing wrong in it."

Well, Gaddar getting a job in TSS is unlikely as he is very critical of CM KCR. Whenever Gaddar got an opportunity, he criticized the TRS government with his songs.

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